Yachting Cape Verde Africa’s Island Paradise In The Atlantic.

Imagine cruising through crystal clear turquoise waters, with a gentle breeze tousling your hair as you take in breathtaking views of pristine beaches and dramatic volcanic landscapes. Welcome to Cape Verde, a hidden gem nestled in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa. With its year-round warm climate, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture, Cape Verde is a paradise waiting to be discovered by yachting enthusiasts like yourself. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice looking for a unique adventure, this archipelago of ten captivating islands offers a wealth of opportunities for unforgettable yachting experiences. So, hoist your sails and embark on an extraordinary journey exploring the wonders of Yachting Cape Verde.

Yachting Cape Verde Africas Island Paradise In The Atlantic.

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Welcome to Cape Verde, Africa’s island paradise in the Atlantic! If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious yachting experience, Cape Verde should be at the top of your list. With its pristine beaches, world-class fishing, and crystal-clear waters, this archipelago offers everything a yachting enthusiast could dream of. In this article, we will explore the various highlights, destinations, and experiences that make Cape Verde a must-visit yachting destination.

Location and Overview

Geographical Location

Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of ten volcanic islands located in the central Atlantic Ocean, approximately 350 miles off the coast of Western Africa. Situated at the crossroads between Europe, Africa, and the Americas, Cape Verde’s strategic location has made it a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions.

Archipelago Overview

The Cape Verde archipelago is made up of both inhabited and uninhabited islands, each offering its own unique charm and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for vibrant city life or secluded beach coves, Cape Verde has it all. From São Vicente’s cosmopolitan vibe to Sal’s sandy white beaches, each island has something special to offer.

Yachting Cape Verde Africas Island Paradise In The Atlantic.

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Yachting Highlights

Unspoiled Beaches and Coastlines

One of the major highlights of yachting in Cape Verde is the opportunity to explore the archipelago’s unspoiled beaches and coastlines. With over 965 miles of coastline, Cape Verde boasts an abundance of secluded coves and pristine sandy beaches. Whether you’re looking to relax on the sun-kissed shores or explore hidden caves and lagoons, you’ll find your own piece of paradise here.

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World-Class Fishing

For avid fishermen, Cape Verde is a paradise. The archipelago is known for its exceptional deep-sea fishing opportunities, with an abundance of marlins, swordfish, tuna, and more. The nutrient-rich waters surrounding the islands attract a diverse range of fish species, making it a perfect destination for both recreational and professional anglers.

Clear Blue Waters for Snorkeling and Diving

The crystal-clear waters of Cape Verde offer excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. Dive into a world teeming with colorful coral reefs, tropical fish, and even the chance to spot turtles and dolphins. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner looking to explore the beauty beneath the waves, Cape Verde’s waters won’t disappoint.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Tropical Climate

Cape Verde benefits from a pleasant tropical climate, making it a year-round destination for yachting enthusiasts. The archipelago enjoys warm temperatures, ranging from 75°F to 85°F throughout the year, providing excellent conditions for a luxurious getaway.

Dry and Rainy Seasons

Cape Verde experiences two main seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season, which runs from November to June, offers warm and sunny weather with minimal rainfall. This period is considered the best time to visit, as the calm seas and gentle trade winds create ideal yachting conditions. The rainy season, which occurs from July to October, brings occasional showers and higher humidity, but it also offers its own unique charm and lush landscapes.

Ideal Yachting Conditions

Thanks to its strategic location, Cape Verde benefits from consistent trade winds, making it a sailor’s paradise. The archipelago is situated in the path of the northeast trade winds, providing ideal yachting conditions with steady breezes and calm seas. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice, Cape Verde’s reliable winds make it a perfect destination for cruising and exploring the islands.

Popular Yachting Destinations in Cape Verde

São Vicente

São Vicente, home to the vibrant city of Mindelo, is a popular yachting destination in Cape Verde. Its lively marina, lined with restaurants and bars, offers a perfect combination of cosmopolitan charm and traditional Cape Verdean hospitality. Explore the colorful streets of Mindelo, indulge in the local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the vibrant music and dance scene.

São Nicolau

São Nicolau is a hidden gem for yachting enthusiasts. Known for its rugged and dramatic landscapes, this island offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Discover its charming and traditional villages, hike through lush valleys, and admire breathtaking views from the mountain peaks.

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Sal, with its world-renowned beaches, is a must-visit for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Experience the vibrant beach town of Santa Maria, where you can soak up the sun, try your hand at windsurfing or kitesurfing, and indulge in fresh seafood at beachfront restaurants.

Boa Vista

Boa Vista, translated as “beautiful view,” lives up to its name with its stunning natural landscapes. Explore its endless sandy beaches, visit the breathtaking sand dunes of Deserto de Viana, and witness the nesting grounds of loggerhead turtles. Boa Vista offers a tranquil and picturesque yachting experience.


For those seeking a serene and untouched island paradise, Maio is the place to be. With its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and friendly local community, Maio offers a true escape from the modern world. Enjoy the tranquility of this hidden gem and immerse yourself in the laid-back island lifestyle.


As the largest and most populous island in Cape Verde, Santiago offers a diverse range of experiences. Explore the historical capital city of Praia, visit ancient fortresses, discover traditional villages, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Creole culture. Santiago is a captivating blend of historical charm and modern energy.

Yacht Charters and Services

Availability of Yacht Charters

Yacht charters are readily available in Cape Verde, allowing visitors to experience the archipelago’s beauty at their own pace. Whether you prefer a bareboat charter, where you can captain the yacht yourself, or a crewed charter, where you can relax and enjoy the services of a professional crew, there are options to suit every preference and budget.

Crewed and Bareboat Charters

Crewed charters provide the ultimate luxury experience, with a dedicated crew on board to cater to your every need. Sit back and relax as the captain takes care of navigation, the chef prepares gourmet meals, and the crew ensures your comfort and enjoyment throughout the journey. On the other hand, bareboat charters offer the freedom to captain the yacht yourself, allowing you to explore the islands at your own pace and create your own adventure.

Yacht Services and Facilities

Cape Verde offers a range of yacht services and facilities to ensure a seamless and enjoyable yachting experience. From well-equipped marinas and anchorages to yacht maintenance and provisioning services, everything you need is available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The local marinas provide easy access to restaurants, waterfront bars, and other amenities, allowing you to enjoy the vibrant coastal life.

Yachting Cape Verde Africas Island Paradise In The Atlantic.

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Island Hopping Routes

Santiago to São Vicente

Embark on an unforgettable island-hopping journey from Santiago to São Vicente. Begin your adventure in the historical capital city of Praia, exploring its rich history and vibrant culture. Sail north to São Vicente, where you can immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Mindelo and enjoy breathtaking views of the rugged coastline.

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São Vicente to Boa Vista

From São Vicente, set sail towards the stunning island of Boa Vista. Explore its pristine beaches, visit the breathtaking sand dunes of Deserto de Viana, and witness the nesting sites of loggerhead turtles. Boa Vista offers a tranquil and picturesque escape, surrounded by unmatched natural beauty.

Boa Vista to Maio

Continue your island-hopping journey from Boa Vista to Maio, a hidden gem known for its untouched beauty and laid-back atmosphere. Experience the tranquility of its pristine beaches, snorkel in the crystal-clear waters, and immerse yourself in the local island lifestyle. Maio offers a true escape from the modern world, allowing you to disconnect and relax in paradise.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Traditional Cape Verdean Dishes

Cape Verde is a culinary delight, offering a fusion of African, Portuguese, and Mediterranean flavors. Indulge in traditional dishes such as cachupa, a hearty stew made with corn, beans, and various meats or seafood. Sample typical Cape Verdean snacks like pastéis de bacalhau, savory codfish fritters, or grogue, a local rum made from sugar cane.

Seafood Delicacies

Being surrounded by the bountiful Atlantic Ocean means that Cape Verde is a seafood lover’s paradise. Feast on freshly caught fish, lobster, and prawns prepared in traditional Cape Verdean style. Enjoy a seafood platter in one of the local beachfront restaurants or opt for a private dining experience on board your yacht, where the catch of the day can be prepared to your liking.

Yachting Cape Verde Africas Island Paradise In The Atlantic.

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Cultural Experiences

Mindelo Carnival

If you have the opportunity to visit Cape Verde during February, don’t miss the vibrant and lively Mindelo Carnival. This annual celebration brings the streets of Mindelo to life with colorful parades, traditional music, and dancing. Immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere and experience the rich cultural traditions of Cape Verde.

Local Music and Dance

Cape Verde is renowned for its vibrant music and dance scene, with genres such as morna, coladeira, and funaná taking center stage. Experience live performances by talented local musicians, dance the night away in traditional bars and clubs, and learn a few moves from the friendly locals. Cape Verde’s music and dance culture is sure to leave you captivated.

Visiting Local Villages

To truly immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life, take the time to visit the traditional villages scattered across the islands. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals, witness traditional crafts being made, and learn about the rich history and heritage of Cape Verde. These villages offer a glimpse into the daily life and customs of the Cape Verdean people.


Cape Verde is a hidden gem in the Atlantic Ocean, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and luxurious yachting experiences. From its unspoiled beaches and world-class fishing to its warm tropical climate and diverse island destinations, Cape Verde has something to offer every yachting enthusiast. Embark on a journey to this African island paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime.